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RSA Circular Fashion


The RSA set out a set of briefs every year and so I decided to tackle one of their motion design-focused briefs. The brief was to create a motion piece to go along with an audio clip about the idea of circular fashion. As this was a subject matter I had little knowledge of, I chose to take the art style in a unique direction. I wanted my piece to target an audience who typically wouldn't be tempted by traditional campaign pieces of a similar subject matter.

Project Type

Motion Animation

Programmes Used

4.Wizard (0-00-03-09).png
2.Map (0-00-03-24).png
RSA Circular Fashion Thumbnail.png
1.Title Screen (0-00-01-01).png
6.Map 2 (0-00-03-11).png
5. NPC (0-00-05-20).png
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